Giving ORV Statesmen more Opporitunities

JSA means a lot of things to a lot of different people, but one of its main goals is getting students involved in what they’re passionate about. That’s why we gather to debate policy, and why we organize nationwide initiatives such as Fight Apathy. However, JSA has a lot of unrealized potential. This organization has the ability to give students access to volunteer opportunities and service organizations across Ohio.


Partnering with Organizations in Ohio

By contacting organizations that are willing to work with the Junior State and setting up joint events or securing internship spots for passionate students, JSAers in the ORV will have the ability to get more involved in causes they care about such as Public Health or Education.


ORV JSAers volunteer at Columbus City Schools. Photo via orvjsa Instagram

This summer, some members of cabinet were invited to a camp held at a high school from the Columbus City Schools district where we worked with students to promote activism in their communities and teach them about civic engagement. While we were there, we had the amazing opportunity to talk to Dan Good, the Superintendent, and talk to him about some of the challenges involved in running the largest school district in Ohio and about how to improve the education system. It was an incredible opportunity to learn about education and to meet our peers.

By partnering with similar organizations on a larger scale, we can provide incredible new experiences and opportunities for JSAers, while simultaneously getting the word out there about JSA.

Publicizing Volunteer and Internship Opportunities

This year JSA began publicizing volunteer opportunities on a very small scale, mostly by sending out notices in a cabinet group chat or by promoting activism fairs at conventions. My goal as Governor is to create a portal through which JSAers have access to volunteer opportunities, local internships, and general activism initiatives. They will be able to sign up, together, or alone to participate in various activities of personal interest.

Holding Our Own Activism Events

Holding small activism events at state-sponsored mini conventions such as canned food drives, bipartisan letter writing campaigns, and more will help JSAers make an impact in their communities. We’ve already proven how effective JSA can be with the massive success of the Children’s Book Drive and the Fleece-Tie Blanket Drive. Now, by applying the same concept more frequently and on a smaller scale, students can have continuous involvement in causes that interest them.

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