Giving More Support to Cabinet Directors

Over the past few weeks I’ve been calling cabinet directors to discuss their departments. Topics discussed include the intricacies of each department, the progress their departments have faced this year, and problems they’ve run into as Directors.

One common theme I’ve heard is that many Directors felt as if they didn’t have adequate support at the beginning of the year, when they were still trying to learn about their various departments.

Each department has its own specific challenges, and a director takes on a lot of responsibilities they may not have had experience with, even if they previously worked as a specialist in that department.

For that reason, if I become Governor next year, I want to provide more resources and support for Directors. If this years Directors are willing, I want to work with them to develop guides to each department, including insider tips, projects they want to finish, and information about specific or complicated tasks that need to be completed.

For instance, the Expansion Department guide would include information about how to help Expansion Contacts through the process of registering as an Expansion Contact. The Technology Department guide would include information such as the login information to the YouTube account and the video storage. So on and so forth with each department.

Furthermore, the guides will all include information about how to be an effective Director. Information such as free conference call services, tips for setting up communication with specialists, and more.

By providing new directors with adequate support, we can help them hit the ground running.

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