About Me

I am a Junior at Olentangy Liberty High School. I was first introduced to JSA after being unwillingly dragged to a debate about legalizing Medical Marijuana my Sophomore year of High School, and the rest is history. Not only am I an officer in my chapter, I have served as the Director of Technology in the ORV as well as Co-Director of Technology on the MidSoHio SuperCab.

I do have a life outside of JSA, however. When I’m not doing JSA, you might find me holed up in the theater at my school, acting, singing, and dancing my heart out, or check back stage, where I’ll be stage managing. Or perhaps you’ll find me messing around on my computer at home. I love computer science, what I’m planning on majoring in, despite many long nights staying up staring at a screen and trying to figure out why my code isn’t working. Gotta love AP Computer Science. You may also try to find me at either a yoga studio or a boxing ring, which, if you’re wondering, is a great way to work off campaign nerves. Slightly less relevant interests of mine include cheesecake, my adorable dog Theo, and reading. I am what one might call a nerd, which is why I’ve read  the Harry Potter books more than 18 times and why I’m currently making my way through Dante’s Inferno. Like I said. Nerd.

Despite all this, JSA has earned a special place in my heart. I was inspired to run for governor because of what this organization has done for me. Because of JSA, I’ve learned how to fight for what I believe in, and I’ve learned that if I speak, there are people who are willing to listen. That’s why I’ve built my platform around the ideas of making JSA more accessible to our chapters and expanding to chapters in our mostly unoccupied states. Thank you all for giving me this incredible opportunity to give back and help the ORV reach new heights.