Letter from me:

Hi! First, I’d like to thank you for visiting my website and viewing my platform. My name is Kate Majidzadeh, and I am currently running to be the 2017 – 2018 Governor of the Ohio River Valley. JSA is a passion of mine, and in the following paragraphs, you will find my platform – what I plan to do to better the state next year. Much of what you read here has been extensively discussed with Cabinet members and Chapter leaders. I’m currently in the process of contacting every director to understand the challenges they face on a daily basis. Likewise, I’m contacting numerous chapter presidents to talk about how they’ve failed and or succeeded. The information gathered from these calls is being added to my platform day by day. It is my goal to be responsive to the ideas of all JSA Statesmen, so if you have any ideas or thoughts on this platform, feel free to contact me.  I’m honored to be a candidate during this campaign season, and encourage you to contact me if you have any questions!

Email address:

Phone number: (614) -632-2294

Facebook: Kate Majidzadeh for ORV Gov (@kateforgov)

Instagram (you better follow me. Seriously. This isn’t a joke): @kateforgov

Chapter Outreach and Support

Improved Resources

It is the responsibility of the state to provide valuable resources and support to the chapter presidents of the Ohio River Valley, such as:

  1. Guides to increasing chapter recruitment and participation
  2. A series of videos to supplement the debate guide
  3. Guides to MyJSA usage
  4. Information about opportunities for chapter members
  5. Greater focus on Weekly Debates, including links to relevant articles and slideshows that CPs will have the option to use to brief their chapter

By focusing on creating useful, interactive, and easily accessible resources for CPs, the state can improve chapter health, support new chapters, and help existing chapters grow.

Effective Communication

It is more important than ever to emphasize that communication is about quality, not quantity. It is my goal to streamline communication, so that all relevant information is accessible while remaining short, simple, and effective.

Strengthening Cabinet

The Governor’s Inbox

It’s always been my belief that a leader should be accessible, and a huge part of that is accountability. An anonymous survey will be created that is sent directly to my personal email so that I can get unfiltered and honest feedback about my performance as governor.

Better Resources for Cabinet Directors

As I’ve been calling cabinet members over the past few weeks, I’ve heard a recurring theme; Cabinet Directors wish that they had more information about what the job entailed when they started.

Some wish that they had a clear list of jobs that their department had to fulfill, others wished for a heads-up about resources they didn’t know they had until halfway through the year.

In order to correct this, I propose that each department is given a guide, a basic outline of their responsibilities and each department’s intricacies. To read more about these guides click here.


JSA was an incredible opportunity for me to learn more about the world around me, my own beliefs, and the ideas and opinions of others.

Every student deserves a chance to experience JSA, which is why it is our responsibility help the ORV grow. Expansion must be a main focus when building a cabinet, and a well-defined plan for growth must be established.

Keys to Success:

  1. A holistic effort on the part of ALL of cabinet to find Expansion Contacts
  2. Focus on expanding into mostly unoccupied states by contacting administrations, holding nearby mini conventions, and increasing publicity in those areas
  3. Provide benefits for chapters willing to establish and mentor “sister chapters”
  4. Holding seminars and miniconventions specifically for Expansion Contacts so they have the ability to experience and get excited about JSA for a low cost.


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has” -Margret Mead

The Junior State of America provides a civic education that is invaluable to many students, but what if it could do more?

By teaming up with local government offices and campaign teams from across the political spectrum, JSA has the potential to provide opportunities for student to meet with leaders in their community, get involved in what they’re passionate about, and potentially gain internships. Learn More>

Furthermore, JSA should continue to support programs such as Fight Apathy and Voter Registration Drives that give students the platform and the ability to express and support what they’re passionate about.

Click here to read the full Activism Specific Platform.

Communication, Media, and Technology

As stated above, the Ohio River Valley needs to return to promoting chapter health without bogging down communications. For this reason, there will need to be more cross-department cooperation than ever.

Media and Technology will cooperate to create promotional videos, video debate guides, and other resources. Media and Communications will cooperate to create informational and efficient ways of communicating information through pictures, videos, and info graphics. Communications and Technology will cooperate to create content for the ORV website and to publicize the resources that chapters can access on said website.

When all three of these departments work together, a balance of communication can be established that benefits all Junior Statesmen. Promoting departmental cooperation can revolutionize how information is shared and help achieve the goals of simultaneously streamlining communication and providing more resources.

Return of the Muckraker?

The Muckraker Department can come back better than ever with a few simple twists. Instead of being a newsletter written by the department, it will instead be an independent website to which any JSAer can submit opinion articles, managed by the Muckrakers.